GHTV Ident Concepts
I was involved with the concepting and creation of the GHTV idents. They were all 10 seconds long and were used for the transitions between shows. It was a great chance to get creative with some crazy ideas.
GHTV Ident Glitch Animals

I concepted this ident for the GHTV channel and created the Wolf, Eagle & Bear low poly models.

GHTV Ident 8bit Ducks

I animated the ducks, rendered the scenes and composited this ident in After Effects.

GHTV Ident Space Helmet

I concepted this ident and created the art for the starfield in the background.

GHTV Ident Bull Horse Collision

I concepted this ident and created the horse for it.

GHTV Ident Lightbulb Rain

I concepted this ident.



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