DJ Kid Itch
DJ Kid Itch grew up a little in DJ Hero 2, although not in stature! If you look REAL close, you will notice that he is actually standing on a box so he can reach the decks.
Itch's new look is based on his Alien-like appearance from DJ Hero 1, but pulled around to make him look a bit more grown up. Instead of the giant spot on his chin, he now has a sizable crater from where it used to be.
Below are In-Game Screenshots.

DJ Kid Itch - Full Body and Clothing Sculpt - Mudbox Video

This is a video of DJ Kid Itch's clothing and maquette.



DJ Kid Itch - Close-up - Trainer Sculpt - Mudbox Video

This is a close-up video of Itch's trainer:

Here is a compilation of the maps used for DJ Kid Itch: Diffuse / Specular & Normals

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